Summer Camps

Summer Camps for everyone! No music experience required!


June 10-14 Camp 1

June 18-21 Camp 2

July 8-11 Camp 3

July 15-18 Camp 4

3 hour camps 12-3 p.m. $180 per person per camp

12-1 p.m. All About Instruments!

Introduction to the orchestra, instruments and groups of the orchestra. 

Monday - strings, Tuesday- woodwind, Wednesday- brass, Thursday- percussion

 1-2 p.m. Great Composers!

Each day will cover several composers and their music periods. 

Monday- Baroque, Tuesday- Classical, Wednesdays- Romantic, Thursday- Modern 

 2-3 p.m. Be a Composer!

Create your tune, arrange and play!  

For participants with no musical experience we offer an option of trying to lean either piano or violin.


To sign up, email us at