Don't take our word for it

Jodi Rueschhoff


We are so grateful for the Evergreen Conservatory of Music and professional musician David Ellis. David is a talented, kind, and patient teacher. Charlie has really enjoyed taking tuba and trombone lessons from him this year. Thanks David and ECM!! We are truly fortunate to have a resource like this in our own “backyard.”

Rob Christie

Our kids have been taking piano with Elena for a few years and started cello this summer with Monica. We are so happy to have the conservatory open in Evergreen.

Nicky Craggs 


My daughter goes to Elena for piano, she is wonderful, she has patience & gives her students such encouragement. It’s amazing what she has them playing in such a short time frame! 

I know the new space will be fabulous for Evergreen & surrounding area budding musicians!!

Sue Cahill 

My girls (9) have taken piano lessons with Elena since they were 6. They have learned and progressed so much and genuinely enjoy their time with Ms. Elena. We feel truly blessed to have such a brilliant, caring, and patient teacher and are honored to be part of the Evergreen Conservatory of Music. 

Sally Armitage 


Elena and Monica are very professional, caring, and excellent teachers. They are committed to bringing a wonderful music program to the Evergreen Community. 


Katrina Padron  


Thank you Elena for your masterful teachings. We've seen tremendous growth and dedication from our son while he's been at your school. 


Brian Gill

Monica Sales Council is a great music teacher and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet! 


Rob Christie

Our kids have been taking piano with Elena for a few years and started cello this summer with Monica. We are so happy to have the conservatory open in Evergreen. 

Linda Walmsley

My retirement dream was to take piano lessons. This dream was fulfilled when I began taking piano lessons from Elena Keil. It is a privilege to learn from such a gifted musician. I highly recommend the Evergreen Conservatory of Music. 

Sandy Partyka

Elena is an extraordinary piano instructor!  Her instruction begins with the basics and classics.  Elena takes the time to build a relationship with her students, establishing a high level of trust and respect.  Our 8-year-old daughter has learned from the beginning with proper posture and reading music.  She also has fun and is excited to learn.  She looks forward to her lessons with Elena.  Elena is patient, incredibly talented, and has a way of connecting with her students that inspires future musicians!!  We feel incredibly lucky to have found Elena and I would highly recommend her as a piano instructor for any level.  

Melissa Montgomery-Fitzsimmons   

My daughter, age 14, and I have taken piano lessons from Elena for three years. My daughter wanted to learn to play lots of different kinds of music, and I wanted to re-learn some of the classical music I had played many years ago. Elena has been wonderful for teaching both of us the kind of music that we want, and at the pace that is both appropriate and enjoyable. Elena is a great teacher for students of different levels and abilities and makes playing the piano a joy to be shared with others. Thank you Elena! 

Emily Wuckert 

I have been learning piano with Mrs. Elena for almost two years now, and am very happy with the way she teaches. Mrs. Elena makes it very easy to push myself if I want to but does not make me feel too overwhelmed. Mrs. Elena covers book lessons as well as free-choice songs. I really like this mix-up, because it gives me a chance to learn the song that I like as well as the traditional ones. The books are very interactive and have lessons and activities for both Mrs. Elena and myself. In my opinion, she explains things very well and has always been very helpful. She teaches at whatever pace I seem to need at the time and never keeps me on a song I don't like. So far it has been a great experience, and I'm still glad I chose to learn the piano.    

Kris Lee

"Elena is not only an amazing piano teacher, she is a wonderful person.  She cares about my children’s’ progress not only on the piano but in life.  She is a gift to our family!"