CSMTA Rising Star Festival at Denver University Lamont School of Music April 18th 2020


Competitive and non-competitive tracks for pre-college students in all instruments and voice . The purpose of the festival is to raise standards of student performance and musicianship by inspiring students, to become performers of the highest musicality, to learn that interest in music is shared with peers, to know that best efforts in music are rewarded intrinsically, and sometimes extrinsically, to encourage musical goals through an adjudicated experience, where winning is not the goal, to participate in competitive and/or non-competitive performances in a comprehensive program with broad examination areas.

MTNA Competition at the University of Colorado October 2020



The MTNA National Student Competitions are the most successful and prestigious student competitions in the country Each year, thousands of students compete for top prizes and national recognition.

The three-tiered competitions begin at the state round. First-place winner of the each state's competition advance to a division competition. Division winners compete in the national finals at the annual MTNA National Conference.

The purpose of the Music Teachers National Association Performance competitions is to provide educational experiences for students and teachers and to recognize exceptionally talented young artists and their teachers in their pursuit of musical excellence. The state competitions are considered the primary educational level with the division and national levels showcasing outstanding performance and honoring significant pedagogical achievement.

Competitions include Composition, Brass, Piano, String, Voice, Woodwind and Chamber Music.

Evergreen Chamber Orchestra Young Artist Solo Competition

Evergreen Chamber Orchestra Youth Artist Solo Competition

Season Finale concert  3 p.m. 5/15 Arvada and 3 p.m. 5/16 Evergreen